Raw Black Label Series / Limited Edition Spray Cans

Raw Black Label Series.


International artists / Limited Edition / Aerosol Cans.

Only 100 of each design from each artist, with a new artist released on the 1st of every month. Cans 1-10 are signed by the artists, and very limited with a additional cost.


Jun.   MIKE WATT / Australia

Jul.    HOLLA GHOST  /  Malaysia

Aug.  TEAZER  / Australia

Sep.  MIGHTY SHORT / America

Oct.   ZCAPE  / France

Nov.  Mr.ZERO / Hungary

Dec.  CARL KENZ / Germany

Jan.   KATUN / Indonesia

  • International Orders

    For any orders outside of Australia please contact us, there are issues about international shipping aerosols.

  • Pre-Orders

    Pre-order Cans. Selected artists have set release dates, cans will be sent the day before release for each artist. 

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