Montana x Aske LE can

Montana x Aske LE can

Montana x  Limited Aske can


7th BLACK artist edition can we asked Russia-based artist Dmitri Aske aka Sicksystems to create the design. It was clear that his influence on the scene writers worldwide would be reflected in his can. His color of choice was our BLK  9100  „Snow White“ . During the creation of the design, ASKE focused foremost on incorporating the existing BLACK can design into his own special can design. He decided to emphasize the name of his color by capturing the atmosphere of a snowy winter day, mainly in white and grey with a few red accents. Even the urban feel of the traffic lights and pigeons really give you the sense of the BLACK can style.


Of course he stayed true to his artistic style as well. After starting his artistic career in 2000, he was rapidly known for his comic-like motifs, which he constructs using single isolated geometric shapes defined by straight lines. This gives his figures a kind of sterile, robotic-like appearance, while at the same time, his pieces are very dynamic and strikingly colorful.  All in all, we think ASKE has achieved his goal: his design fits the can perfectly.



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